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Container image security in 4 questions

DevOps Spiral In this article I'm trying to address some of the container image security concerns that might come up when writing your own dockerfiles. How container image will be used might not be your worry, but it doesn't mean that security cannot be enhanced at build/publish time. Read More ›

video · kubernetes

Introduction to k8s container networking with flannel​

DevOps Spiral In this video I'm showing how container networking works on kubernetes cluster using flannel and how this differs from local container environment. Read More ›

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Githooks, awk and aspell - stirred, not shaken.

DevOps Spiral In this article I'm explaining automation created by me that allows spell checking for articles in my jekyll site. I thought it is perfect occasion to give some introduction to githooks, awk and aspell. Read More ›

video · kyma

Exposing own services in Kyma service catalog

DevOps Spiral In this video I'm showing how to expose Grafana service in Kyma service catalog using helm-broker and helmi. Prepared as part of talk 'Cloud Lego with Kyma'. Read More ›

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Quick hints on starting with k8s effectively

DevOps Spiral Basic hints on k8s tooling that should help you when starting journey with kubernetes. Easy to understand and ready to be applied right away to boost basic activities on your cluster. Read More ›