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Cloud Lego with Kyma - 19.09.2019 Nokia Garage Talks - tech attitudes

Private, public, hybrid or multicloud – how to implement abstract layer over those different approaches on service level? How to enable moving concerns from deploying a service to consuming a service? In this talk we will try to explore what concept of service catalog can offer to address those questions.

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Auth proxy pattern on Kubernetes - 27.07.2019 DevOpsDay DataArt

Authentication and authorization is usually build in web applications but often can also be integrated with Auth Proxy to centralize the maintenance or provide SSO. This talk is to show how Auth Proxy can be used on Kubernetes making use of its components like ingress controller. We will start with quick recap on OpenID connect and OAuth2, setup simple authN/authZ scenario using Auth proxy and finally discuss how this can be taken forward.

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Kubernetes as a service with Rancher - 12.02.2019 DevOpsWrocław

Being currently most popular container orchestration tool, after big boom in 2017, Kubernetes is getting more and more widely adopted. Tools for deploying k8s is growing equally fast, so often the question is not “whether to use k8s” but rather “how to use and deploy it efficiently”. This talk is supposed to make introduction to how Rancher helps turning this exciting technology into service. Along with showing basic deployment use cases we will cover how nicely Rancher leverages Kubernetes strengths on its own.